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This self-adjustable resource scans Internet and shows different internet websites in a random order. This resource uses an unique auto-adaptation algorithm so only interesting websites are shown after you have spent some time viewing pages using this resource. Press the SHOW PAGE button to see different internet websites randomly one by one as pop-up pages (skipping not interesting websites) until the most interesting websites are found, then continue viewing more sites. Use your keyboard Backspace or Alt+Left Arrow keys to navigate within the open websites. Scroll this page if you wish to pause viewing in auto mode. Auto-ranking is available. Your pages' auto-rating affects other users' page rating. You can also add your favorite websites to this resource using the Add URL button.


Automatic Rating System Since 2014

WHAT IS ANYPAGE.NET is an informative entertainment resource showing random internet pages according to users' predilections. This resource is adaptive and self-adjustable in a way to be interested for each user, if visited regularly. After auto-adjusting, the interesting for you pages will be shown in a special order. With you may see what you have never seen before. Briefly speaking, is information from the entire world.


  1. Use the violet  “Start” button above to start random pages browsing. While browsing, this adaptive resource is auto-adjusting to your preferences to be more interesting for you.
  2. To view next page use the same violet “Next Page” button. (This is not necessary in the auto mode, as the pages are shown automatically in 3 seconds, but the auto mode requires browser popups “always enabled”.)
  3. To pause web browsing (in auto mode only) just scroll the page. You can continue browsing later using the same “Next Page” violet button.


This resource does not collect or store any personal user data. In no way this resource analyzes, has interest in or transfers any personal data to 3-rd parties. This resource does not interact with any 3-rd party applications installed on a user device, including web browsers, and it does not analyze a user behavior in such 3-rd party applications. This resource is a collection of external web links. The administration of this resource is not responsible for any contents on such external resources, added by users of this resource, or added in automatic mode. This resource may contain links to adult contents, which may not be recommended for users under 18 years old. Please leave this page immediately if you are under 18 years old.

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